I don’t get why Imposters leave when they get caught. It’s so fun being a ghost imp!

Or they'll try to betray their imp mate on their way out because he's not defending them. Haha if I screw up, I EXPECT my imp mate to vote me off.

I have fun as a ghost imp anyway. Notable ways I've helped win:

-trapped three crewmates in electrical, causing them to blame each other (two got voted out)

-watched my imp buddy kill in electrical, so I shut the doors to security and med bay so he could vent in peace

-used the reactor and o2 alerts to draw crewmates away from recent kills

-using the doors to carefully separate and force crewmates into kill boxes for the imp

-shut the doors on a bad security kill before the crewmate coming down the hall could see, giving the imp time to vent

-and, my personal favorite, shut the caf doors right as a four-person meeting ended when two crewmates weren't moving. (My imp buddy was almost out of the room.) One of the two crewmates couldn't prove his innocence and got spaced, and the imp easily killed one more to end the game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/kzfd0m/i_dont_get_why_imposters_leave_when_they_get/

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