I don’t know how to have fun in this game anymore

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I love dota, play it almost every day, but the people who play this game ruin it to the point I've been thinking about uninstalling for the sake of my own sanity.

Every single game I've played for the passed month has been people flaming literally every other person in the game non-stop for no reason at all, intentionally feeding, destroying items, AFK'ing with shadow amulets, the works. I play with account buyers who walk in circles all game and end hour long games with no items. I play with people who last pick Antimage hard support in role queue.

I play in Ancient bracket around 4k MMR even, and get paired with Archon players; which is supposed to somehow be balanced out that I have a "Divine" player who is usually an account buyer and ends up being just as bad as the archon.

Worse, you play with these toxic people who flame and report you for any little reason, so your behavior score goes down, and you thus play with even more toxic people who report you more, and so on until you're in a snowball of playing with even worse and worse human beings. I played a few games of Nature's Prophet and Bristleback mid last week where my team was spamming to report me from before the game even starts. My behavior score in a week went from 9.5k to just above 5k. I don't intentionally feed and haven't since like 2015, I've abandoned maybe 2 games in 4 years and both were because I had intentional throwers on my team – I don't destroy items, grief, A-click follow my team, etc; yet, every single game, I'm lumped in with people who do all of the above. And it is so tiring. There are games where I can not say a single word, just play my game with my hero in my assigned role, and do the best I can, and my entire team will witch-hunt you for any single possible reason they can, flaming you and cussing you out and threatening to report you for the entirety of the game.

Dota has been my favorite past-time for the passed 7 years, but for some reason it seems now like it is the most toxic and unplayable it's ever been. And that's not even just from my own experience – I watch high MMR pub streamers and it seems like even high immortal games are littered with account buyers, griefers, and throwers. Even these high-profile people like CCNC I watch on it seems like a weekly basis destroy his items and walk down mid. This is the top ranked person in the region setting an example for teenagers who think they're going to go pro and they will take it out on everyone they meet if they decide it's their team mates fault they can't get there.

I don't know what's happening, maybe this is just the dying breath of Dota, but to me it is in the worst state it's ever been. I love the game and want to keep playing but the people I've had to endure playing with for the past 2-3 weeks have made it absolutely unbearable.

Is anyone else having an experience like this or is this just me complaining about nonsense?

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