I don’t know if this an unpopular opinion in here

the witcher and ciri gwent

But I really hope CDPR addresses nilfgaard problem. What’s the point in Witcher alchemist or viper Witcher? They are so bad but at the same time they can be so toxic and frustrating, why not changing them and giving them some identity like other faction’s Witcher have? It’s not even skillful deck manipulation since you can just use location and try to highroll it which is the worse thing. Dead Mans Tongue was somewhat of a skillful manipulation before the change in my opinion, knowing draws (like Maxii does) it’s something really cool that should’ve stayed (obviously with some nerds because at 7 was and is still strong). But why Alchemist and Viper? And no I’m not saying to randomly complain, I was watching Specimen’s last video where he was so negative for 40 minutes because of those cards (and the same matchup over and over again), if they were decent I’d understand it honestly, but they are not even good, they are just there to be toxic. So why is CDPR not addressing this big flaw in nilfgaard faction? Or am I the only one that thinks about this and this is truly an unpopular opinion?

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