I don’t think a lot of players understand how awful this week’s CG Kill Warrant Scanner reward is

A lot of players are going to drop this in their utility slot and be dumbfounded when their entire ship shuts down the moment they deploy their hardpoints. This leech is going to suck 4.8 MWs of power. That is more than half the power that G5 engineered Dirty/Drag drives 6A thrusters pull. That is more power than a G5 Long range/Oversized Huge Plasma Accelerator. If you were to take the largest power plant in the game and maximize its output, this KWS alone would eat up just over 9% of its capacity. I have over 40 ships and I can't find a single one where this module would not cause a headache.

The other reward in this weeks CG, the ECM, is actually a comparatively good module. I know most people don't use an ECM. Still, when compared to the standard, this will have twice the integrity, a fraction of the weight, with the only drawback being an extra .2 MWs of power. Your friggin' cargo hatch requires more power than that.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/n23pm0/i_dont_think_a_lot_of_players_understand_how/

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