I don’t think anyone has had a best but worst raid.

I'm hunting shturman for the quest. Lvl 40 rn. I'm on sniper rock checking shit out and I hear shots near sawmill towards the military camp. I go to check it out and see a chad. Kill him then hear his teammate. play around and run out of ammo. I rotate to his teammates body and pick up a meta m1a with a reap-ir. Everythings blacked and I'm shaking. I assume he has a reap-ir as well so I try and play smart and use hard cover whilst constantly scanning. I see him then kill him too. All of a sudden a third pmc runs up on me. Meta m1a as well with reap-ir. I kill him. Then I rotate around a little making sure no one else is around then begin to loot before hearing nades. Luckily I don't get blown up and I back off to some hard cover. Somehow rotated around this last guy and killed him from behind. He has a kitted MDR with a reap-ir. Basically I'm freaking out at this point. I start looking for food. Start healing. Then more PMCs show up. With the reap-ir it's easy. Take two more out and all of a sudden I'm looking at a lobby wipe. I start looting and it's easily about 3mil worth of gear. Altyns, reap-irs, killa armor, meta helmets and guns etc. One of the players had a twitch rivals armband. DK if that means he participated in it or something. An AI scav walks up and i start shooting but my shots don't do anything. All of a sudden the screen goes black and the server loses connection. Fuck fine. I'll rejoin. I go to rejoin and the server is closed.

What. The. Fuck. BSG.

This game lately has given me some of the most bullshit deaths and "tarkov moments" recently with constant malfunctions that get me killed when I would've other wise killed someone or just dumb shit. This tops it off. Fuck this game man.

No point to this post. Just thought I'd share my awful. awful raid so maybe you don't feel so bad about yours.

Also I'm so pissed my title isn't proper grammar or finished lol.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qdrpv3/i_dont_think_anyone_has_had_a_best_but_worst_raid/

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