I enjoy the fact that this game makes you figure everything out for yourself.

I've been playing Tarkov for around 2 months now and it has become my favorite game by far. A lot of this enjoyment comes from having to learn everything without much help from the game itself. This may sound terrible, but this game has so much to it and so much to learn that not even the veterans know everything. By gaining knowledge through trial and error, rather than learning everything through online resources, I am able to discover things very few players know about. The most satisfying thing is when this knowledge saves my life, leads to a valuable loot spawn, pmc kill, etc. I feel like improvement is based on knowledge and because there isn't much of that going around, its easy to improve without the help of others. Dying is always a huge learning experience since it helps prevent it in the future and I feel like I've gotten so much better at the game since I started. It honestly feels like information is paramount and I love that aspect of the game so much.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/iai5hb/i_enjoy_the_fact_that_this_game_makes_you_figure/

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