I feel for the people who don’t have EOD edition

Tl;dr this wipe is so fuuuuucking expensive it’s making it not enjoyable.

I’ve played for three wipes, including this one, and this by far and away has to be the most expensive wipe I’ve played. It seems like with the increased price of Bitcoin, the devs have nerfed the coin production, and have seemed to inadvertently inflated the cost of a GPU by nearly three fold. It’s made grinding to get to level 20 a PITA for people (like me) who aren’t good at the game. Thank god EOD owners get preferential reputation and max stash size, because I can’t imagine all the extra time I’d have to invest just to get the bit coin farm up. Bolts are god awful expensive too. It’s so damn expensive to get anything going in this wipe. Kinda burnt out on how much time I’ve had to invest just to get to the point to where I can run some half decent guns. Still haven’t been over a million rubles since the wipe.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kzfx3t/i_feel_for_the_people_who_dont_have_eod_edition/

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