I feel worse every time i play this game. I cant be the only one.

My stats are horrific https://i.imgur.com/eQzh3a5.png

I dont know what to do anymore, I have tried to play this game in every style i can imagine.

The way I want to play it
The way you are supposed to play it
The way streamers play it
Extract camping
Spawn rushing
Boss farming

I've been a rat for hundreds of hours, I've been a chad for hundreds of hours, and no matter what I always, always, ALWAYS end up at the bottom of the totem pole. Im not fantastic at FPS games but im good enough and experienced enough to know when im being bullshitted by a game. ive put at least 100 hours into pretty much every popular fps game on pc from 2015 to now and many many thousands of hours into my favorite ones. And no game can hold a candle to how many horrific gaps in gameplay quality Tarkov has. Not to mention many of the game breaking tactics that people use to be competitive in this game, (sharp movement, jiggle peeking, leg meta, ect) are COMPLETELY against what the game is supposed to be, but BSG have been borderline brazen in how little they do to combat these tactics. So much so that i have to think they dont fix issues like this on purpose. (tin foil hat theory is they want to keep the people who use these tactics to the fullest, mainly streamers… leagues above everyone else so when they go on insane fast paced raids, it makes the game look more exciting to the average consumer. But again, just a conspiracy theory.)

But the main point id like to make is that ALL of this, PLUS the untold number of things that i dont have time to mention, but you all are well aware of, have just made me feel like the cards are completely and hopelessly stacked against me. and not in the way good tarkov is supposed to make you feel. when i die in arma 3 for example, i usually think "oh i could have positioned myself better." or "i could have made sure i had more cover options available to me" or something along those lines. a good 40-60% of the time i die in tarkov the only thing i feel is "there is literally nothing i could have done to prevented that." some stupid game mechanic or oversite or shitty networking makes every one of those situations completely unwinnable and there is nothing i could have done any differently that would have changed the outcome of that situation.

here's one of those if you are interested: https://youtu.be/tnbz8cYVJnw

After 14,000 hours on steam and god knows how many more hours in other platforms, i still cant even scrape by. I routinely liquidate my stash and sometimes reset my account just so i can afford basic kits and play the game at a fraction of what its capabilities are. Of course this poses the question… What the fuck are other people with less experience and skill supposed to accomplish? This game, the people in it, and the economy as a whole are functioning the same way the United states is. A few famous and rich people at the top having fun and experiencing the game, While the rest of the playerbase gets Head-Eyes'd by 7.62 BP from 9 football fields away while trying to get secure folder 0052 for the 18th time on woods. This game is not set up to last and the inactivity and blasé attitude of the developers towards key issues of the game is leaving people burnt out and ready for greener pastures. And i am certainly one of them.

I feel almost dirty for playing this game. Like i keep letting my hopes get up just to have them inevitably crushed my some issue i have been dealing with since 2018. I feel like ive been scammed into giving 140$ of what little money i have to people who either just dont care, or are too incompetent to fix what is in front of their face. And YES. I KNOW. tarkov is in BETA and that means Bugs and issues. But for tarkov specifically, i dont see that as a valid excuse.

When a person buys into a beta, its a promise to deal with the bugs and lack of balance that accompanies a game in development.

However, when a game is on the front page of twitch, day after day, and hundreds of thousands of people throw millions of dollars to the people who make the game. the customer should have EVERY expectation that those issues will be ironed out in a timely manner, if not then they will most assuredly be ironed out EVENTUALLY. It would be insane to hold every indie studio to that standard but when a indie studio promises a AAA quality game, and is making AAA revenue, then its not a stretch at all to expect things to be fixed in a AAA manner. But nikita doesn't seem devoted to that. at all. he's already saying things like "1.0 release" and "wanting to move on to other projects besides tarkov." i feel like this community gave him and his studio insane amounts of money and an immeasurable amount of love and support and he cant even be fucked to keep working on the game until its done right. The core of the game is severely broken and he just doesn't feel like getting it fixed. The issues i expect from tarkov at this stage are things like "oh, that body is glitched out," or "This gun attachment is placed in the wrong way." the issues should NOT be "i was killed for the 10th time today because someone knows desync is bad enough that if he pushes me and peeks first he's nearly guaranteed to win the fight." (but man that new semi-auto 9mm carbine sure does make up for all of that doesn't it?)

As far as im concerned, we have been sold a false bill of goods. you may be happy with what you ended up with, but myself and many many others are not.

The only thing i can really feel good about myself for is after all these years and thousands of hours of playtime, i did eventually get a red keycard. At least i have that. https://i.imgur.com/njLkEKh.png

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