I finally figured out one MAJOR think I’ve been doing wrong for 500 hours

Edit: thing**

Until recently, I’ve probably never taken the exact same kit twice, and I’ve been cutting my kits short and compromising my abilities in raid because of it.

Yesterday I decided that I would sell everything in my stash and just buy the same kits over and over again and learn each kit and how to play them. My main two kits are a mosin/PACA/Penis for super cheap, and a ak-105/tier 4 armour/nades when I wanna spend a little more. These will be the kits I run until I feel better about the game and have the skill to run better kits

It doesn’t matter what kits you do with this, the key point here is to pick a couple kits, run them over and over again both online and offline, learn their strengths, and use these kits to get better at the game. Just yesterday alone I boosted my liquid funds by 250% and got out of way more raids than I usually do running random kits built off of different guns in my stash

This game is a huge learning experience and I’m not sure why it took so long for this to snap in my brain, but now that it has I feel like my chances of survival and making money have increased tenfold based off of this one decision. I urge anyone that has a full stash and having trouble surviving as a pmc to sell everything and only run kits You are familiar with. If you’re good with a mosin and know the best spots to use it, you can outplay any Chad with an HK in one simple tap to the head

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/k5xcfy/i_finally_figured_out_one_major_think_ive_been/

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