I found a new fps trick. (I think)

I'm not sure if this is known but I have a psa for how to get more fps in tarkov mine increased by about 80. I just got back into the game and followed some youtube videos to get the best settings, I tried the top known players. But then I started messing with them and found out that if you uncheck then recheck the use physical cores mid raid your fps will increase dramatically. Ive only tested this in offline on factory but im sure the fps and trick will transfer. I was standing on the pipe on bridge and looking down the other way office side I cant share my settings since their no images but I thought this might help. also nvidia reflex on with boost helps my frames a lot. Another thing is capping my fps in the 3d control panel under program settings. I noticed about a 20 fps boost when capped 10 frames above my monitor. Here is my setup. Also make sure you disable Vsync in 3d settings and disable it ingame as well. I noticed a more smooth fluent game. also a 10 fps boost. Ill edit if I find anything else out.

Edit 1 : For people that dont understand how to do it, when you first load in you must go into settings and uncheck use physical cores save go back to your player you dont have to move or anything just stand there then go back into settings and recheck it then save. You must do this every time you enter a new raid. Also my setup


I9 9900k

16gb ram

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qmamkx/i_found_a_new_fps_trick_i_think/

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