I found a source of hacked clients.

I won't say it's name because of rule 8, in case I'm not complying with it.

It's a file for mobile devices that can be found on google. it lets people get game that would usually cost money for free, or get games with hacks. I got a tablet for Christmas since the one I was previously using was around 5 years old. I installed it so I could get a hacked version of fallout shelter, (I don't use it for online games or for games that cost money) but something that surprised me was that on the top searches, there were online games like clash of clans, and call of duty. Among was #6 on the top searches chart. Out of curiosity, I tapped it, there were 2 items that were actually among us. One was a mod for the regular game that included hacks like no kill cool down, changing the speed, and having all the skins unlocked. The other was a hacked version of the game with the same stuff, as well as wall hacks and fake impostors.

I thought I would share this to notify the community of the existence. If the mods let me know I can share the name of the app I will, but I don't want to get banned for it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/knhlk6/i_found_a_source_of_hacked_clients/

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