I genuinely don’t enjoy this game anymore.

witcher triss merigold gwint

I have almost 4000 wins with Syndicate, and less than 400 with my next faction. I really only play this game for one faction. So you’d think I’d be happy with SY being so dominant, right? Well I’m not. This sucks. There is so excitement when I go to the deck builder, no creating clever or unexpected combinations. You literally have to go with tunnel drill and cleaver. My actual favorite archetype (firesworn) is completely unplayable. Mostly everything but that busted ass combo is not competitively viable, because you need a ton of control, and that’s the most efficient form of control in syndicate.

But it’s a double edge sword. Whenever I deckbuild, I have to consider my own stupid faction. That drill has ridiculous reach, witch finder is legitimately impossible to answer in one turn (her 7 pt body and a bounty) and justice and cleaver provide plenty of tempo. Once I start taking that into consideration, along with dealing with MO and ST, I always end up just building a cleaver/drill deck.

Anyway, what I’m saying is, drill needs a nerf. And so do all the other powerful cards in every other faction. Or else the power crept cards need to be rapidly brought up to speed. This game just isn’t really fun anymore.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/phc5rb/i_genuinely_dont_enjoy_this_game_anymore/

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