I genuinely enjoy Odyssey and don’t understand the hate

I'm a very new Elite Dangerous player, like started 1 week ago, but I love Odyssey and can't imagine playing the game without it.

I'm not going to say it doesn't have its problems and I'll mention my biggest gripes now; like I hate that you automatically get a bounty for a kill even if it was perfectly silent with no witnesses. Some of the missions need pay balancing. The biggest change I'd like to see which seems the easiest is better sound design. I can't believe no one is talking about this, all the sounds in the ship are amazing, but when you get out the game may as well be on mute. There isn't even a noise when your jet pack recharges.

Now that all the bad is aside, I gotta talk about how much I love it. All the abandoned settlement missions are awesome, the atmosphere and lighting inside those shut down bases. I love that the AI is actually intelligent and challenging. They chase you, flank you, use grenades, know to go to a building if you turn its atmospheric controls off, if you get pushed out of the power building before you can take the regulator, they'll power the station back up.

The visuals combined with smart and intelligent AI has made for some of the most intense and cinematic combat I've ever had. I was on the dark side of a moon having a firefight in a big boulder field where I could only see their lights and the glow of laser and plasma bolts as they flew past me. I felt like I was in a Christopher Nolan movie.

Or another time my friend and I were getting chased out of one of the really big ground basses by several skimmers including Goliaths. We were taking the greased hogs (SRVs) across some wide open area trying to go as fast as we could without losing control with skimmers chasing and shooting us.

I wish there was more to do in Odyssey not because it terribly lacks things to do, but because I have so much fun with it.

But Frontier if your listening, please, please at least consider more suit ambient sounds. Air compressors whirling, maybe a subtle little noise with each tic-mark on your power. I know ambient suit noises are harder than ship noises, but it feels lacking.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/p7p5yl/i_genuinely_enjoy_odyssey_and_dont_understand_the/

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