I got some pretty smart plays in Among us once that made me feel very happy. Decided to share them cuz why not.

Skeld: So I was Impostor with Green I think it was, and Lime said they had Medbay scan. Me and Green were the only ones to go there, and Green shut the doors and killed Lime. They vented out (into electrical I'm guessing) and while crawling around the vents, I saw Orange doing wires at cams. Apparently they were faking it, because as soon as I vented out to kill them, they started running. I started to panic, but got an idea. I quickly closed cafe doors and vented into Medbay. Orange was already there, so I easily got the kill. I can't remember if I won the round or not, but it was a good time.

Mira HQ: Once again, I was Impostor. Not sure who I was with, but all I remember is I was venting away from a body, and went to the vent in cafe. Lights were out, and I pressed the button to hop out of the vent. Just as I pressed it though, 2 unfortunate things happened. 1. Black just so happened to be walking by, possibly seeing me vent. 2. A body got reported right after Black walked by. I was panicking. Again. I stayed quiet, but I'm not sure if Black saw me vent. Lights were out. I decided to take the risk. "I saw a vent open by cafe but I'm not sure who it was" I waited for an answer, then, Black said he saw the vent as well but didn't see the person. I felt very relieved.

Polus: I don;t have anything for Polus I don't really play that lmao

Let me know any big brain/lucky experiences you've had! I'd be happy to see them 😀

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/l36j50/i_got_some_pretty_smart_plays_in_among_us_once/

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