I got to play on a 3500 b.score account, here’s what I learned.

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Got hooked up with a new dorm-mate turns out also plays DOTA, cool right? Ehhh well it took all of 1 weekend for that to sour because as I learned this mofo is toxic AF. Long story short I got on his rig and played a few matches of super low behavior score turbo DOTA, and holy shit was it a shock, here's what I learned:

  1. Ppl in the 3000 bscore range spend more time crying report more than they actually play DOTA. No shit I must have seen the word report a few hundred times a match. Half way through one match I unmuted 2 pre-muted people and they were also crying report despite knowing full well that likely no one was seeing their text but themselves LoL!
  2. They like to spend time congratulating the people they allegedly report on their upcoming low-priority games despite being inches away from going there themselves. This must be an intentional way of trapping the worst shitters together because they just blow reports on each other all day and never climb higher.
  3. All communication comes after the fact. What I mean is they don't act as a team and communicate prior to something happening. The text spam and the voice comms yelling only come after someone died or the team was wiped, heading into it there's no talking or coordinating at all just pure reactionary rage.
  4. On the subject of communication the number of non-English speakers (this was US realms I'm on) was about 50% per match. This one is more on Valve because putting people who cant understand each other together is just a recipe for disaster. And yes, I did see racism in 2 of the games as a result of English vs Spanish fighting.
  5. Dying is always someone else's fault. The thing that seemed to start every ragefest was someone getting killed and then blaming everyone else. Even when they had vision of an incoming gank, even when it was a stupid play like a dive into a full rota, even when it was just a matter of being outplayed, every single fkin time ragers went after their own team.

I could go on but these few things stood out as pretty amazing. I've never really seen DOTA at this level before and it was quite the experience. I seriously hope that this new overwatch system isn't actually having to deal with reports from people who are obviously just mad and sending them in for no good reason because that seems like a huge fruitless waste of time.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/m8pzwj/i_got_to_play_on_a_3500_bscore_account_heres_what/

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