I had a really good impostor game, and I just wanna talk about it.

Today I got impostor with White, and I went down to Admin. I faked swipe card, but left at soon at Pink left. I got scared, and wanted to kill them, so i followed them into electrical. White was already there, and i didn't know if some one saw me walk in with Pink, but White killed them anyways. White vented to Medbay, I went to cams, and walked out. Then I noticed Cyan was on cams, so I killed them, hopped in the vent, and Pink's body got reported. We voted out someone (I can't remember the color) and then White killed Green. White said it was Red, Red said it was White. Remembering anonymous votes are on, I voted Red, and it became a tie, 3 votes for White, 3 votes for Red. After the meeting I sabotaged lights, and realized we only needed a double kill to win. Me and White had the same idea, as we went down into electrical, and I killed Blue. White went out of Electrical, killed someone, and we won. It was prob the most chill impostor game I ever played, and no one even thought I was sus! I was very happy, and went to the next round with a smile on my face.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/k12oj4/i_had_a_really_good_impostor_game_and_i_just/

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