I had to use debugmode to retrieve my gear during fighting Moder

TLDR: this b*tch decided to start spawnkilling me, I couldn't do shit because all of my previous armors were lying around in tombstones.

So, today I decided to finally encounter Moder, I was prepared pretty well, 2 bows, shit ton of arrows and wolf gear. Fight was going as expected, managed to lower her hp to maybe 5%. And then shit went down, I died and had to teleport back there. I took one frost resistant potion and teleported here. And she was waiting for me near my teleport, I don't even know why cause I couldn't aggro her there, fight was taking place pretty far from my "camp". So, long story short I came back multiple times with my other armors and died EVERYTIME coz whenever I spawned in my camp she spawnkilled me like crazy. I had 2 options, either try her some other time and risk failure again. or fly past her on debugmode and just take my gear. So I used flying mode. I just took my first tombstone and returned to fight normally, without cheating and beat her.

I just had to share this story, did anyone experience such weird boss behavior? Imo, devs should focus on some AI tweaks, coz I had some minor problems with Bonemass too, he decided to act like crazy and his only move was shooting blobs from armpit, but given by tactic I used it didn't matter too much…

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mepe57/i_had_to_use_debugmode_to_retrieve_my_gear_during/

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