I hate that they gave “Initiative” keyword to mass removal cards

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For a small backround; I started in beta but don't really remember anything about it. Came back after homecoming when Schirru meta was at it's peak. Even back then playing Gigni or Schorch wasn't common but it was not memeing or trolling. And Regis was actually funny to play.

Now that you know where I'm coming from: I really, like REALLY, dislike the fact that all the mass removal cards got nerfed to basically unplayable. Berore, these cards were high risk high reward cards that a required setting up (some more than the others cough Regis cough) but now you need to do all the setting up before hand and one one buff or one dmaage to their own minions from your opponent and your whole game plan is down the drain. Granted, since people don't expect these cards you have more chances of setting them up beforehand but still.

There is also the fact, that if you have game plan revolving around cards like these, your own points won't be as high as they could be. This can easily mean, that your opponent will still win, even if you destroy their highest units. And this is doubly true when playing against control that removes your points.

Currently I don't think that playing any of these cards is actually viable and it will reduce your chances of winning a lot. Which is shame since all three are high on my list of favourite cards. I would like to see them being playable again one day but doubt it if they don't remove initiative keyword from them

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