I hate this patch ! GN – CiriN killed completely the biodiversity of the game

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Am I the only one tired of seeing only golden nekker ciri nova decks every single game? It doesn't matter if it is SK or NG or MO or whatever, it seems to play against one only deck with some little variations but the cards are always the same (Ciri, golden nekker, some random tomes, ring of favor, roach, knickers, aerondight etc.) …. Only dwarves and that toxic priestess NR decks are viable atm besides golden nekker decks

From a game design perspective, if everyone is playing with the same cards and deck, while only few seasons ago there were at least 10 competitively viable decks, it means that you are killing the biodiversity of the game with cards too strong and therefore mandatory or autoinclude.

I don't understand why CDPR insist on completely kill biodiversity and even purposely kill meme decks that are no harm to anyone! (recently Vattier- imposter, earlier Caranthir – Kikimore queen, Regis-Enforcer, Living armor – alchemists etc)… Let us have fun with the game and not just grant us 3 viable decks per season omg!

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