I hate woods

This is a rage post, but my god I can't stand woods. Literally never know where I'm dying from because dude has a 3mil setup and silencer and is hiding in some obscure bush fifty five miles away. if it wasn't for this damned quest(s) I'd never be here!

Hatchling runs it is for now! I love all the maps aside from Factory (for obvious reasons) and woods. Snoreline is boring-ish, but at least I feel I know where/how I died. On woods it just feels like a lot of RNG with when/where you die. Wrong place wrong time almost every time I die, I feel like. Or I'm just total shit. Anyone's guess.

maybe I'm being a baby but I really do feel like it's kind of a shite map. I have a pretty good KD, but I don't think I've killed more than a few people on woods, and it did feel nice to shoot them and watch them spin around franticly trying to find me, but HA! FAT CHANCE OF THAT! lmao

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