I have a good feeling.

How to build a large and tall house in Valheim

First post on here – been here about 6 months.

Its been such a build up to H&H that i think its going to have more to it than Irongate are letting on. I have seen post after post on here saying it has been too long and then comment after comment countering this point, saying to “give it time” and “don’t buy EAGs if you can’t wait” etc…

I can’t help but think that the devs have sneakily undersold H&H. I have a feeling that lots of us are awaiting the update in its original context (simple/food and building additions) as the original roadmap hinted at – but something just keeps teasing at me that we could be awaiting more than just a few bits and bobs to drop.
Not to build false hope or indicate that i’d be disappointed if there was merely the already “hinted at” content, but i just have a feeling they will make it worth our wait!
Keeping the faith.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/owolbp/i_have_a_good_feeling/

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