I have a theory around toxicity, what do you gus think, let’s discuss.

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Background story:- I was playing CM, this ogre guy killed my 3-4 times in lane with CW. He then started telling me to sell my arcana. I dont get tilted so easily so I casually started discussing with him if he wants to buy. After which he started calling some racial slurs and other abusive words, but I continued asking him if he wants to buy or he can find someone who wants to buy. Seeing his attempts to tilt me fail, he gave up and stopped talking which is what I wanted in the first place 🀣. That whole selling thing was to move him off topic xD

So my theory is mostly toxic people are the one's who are trying to find meaning in game, something to look forward to probably which they lack in real life or something. They take this frustration of real lives out here in games.

Why I think so because I know my office colleagues and many dota friends including myself, who have very well paying day jobs but with the money comes the hard work, which makes us in a need of breaks so we casually play dota at night, couple of matches are so much relaxing. But while playing we are least concerned to flame anyone. Why would we flame and be toxic we have enough of it in our offices and work, we are just here to have some fun πŸ˜›πŸ˜…. But for the above-mentioned folks that might not be the case, they have nothing but dota. I enjoy the game myself but guys you need to understand it is just a game. You can't put it above the social relationships. Man is a social animal don't fuck that up for a small moment, abusing a person you don't even know just to find meaning that you lost irl.

What do you guys think about my viewpoint.

PS: Try not to be toxic in comments xD, however if you still choose to be toxic I really don't care. I would rather have a meaningful discussion with few, instead of toxic flaming with a large mass. πŸ˜…

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