I have been playing this game consistently since 2016 and I find it remarkable how little has changed. The game runs basically the same as it did back then. Matching times are the same and the only difference is that desync functions DIFFERENTLY but is just as ubiquitous… fix the game or …

Simply provide an easy way to refund the game. BSG should not hide behind the "its a beta" excuse anymore. They have been charging for this game for 5 years. Its not just a beta test. It is a highly lucrative product and it is unethical for them not to readily provide refunds to "testers" who expected a decent product.

The most recent wipe showcases how disconnected BSG is from their community. After the failed ambassador program in 2017, BSG did very little to communicate their vision effectively and that vague, inconsistent communication with its consumers fostered potentially exploitative/dishonest outreach. See Veritas and Jesse Kazam discuss this at length in their recent episode of "Pogcast."

It really is unbelievable that they charge for this shit game. The most recent wipe has been an utter failure on almost every level;

  • technically worse on every level
  • scav karma was fun for a week now its a completely broken and failed feature
  • the recent wipe had virtually NO NEW CONTENT
  • cheating is rampant
  • the wipe/patch did nothing, and year after year its the same thing.
  • I dont want to be that guy, but, where is all that fucking revenue going??? The idea that you cant throw money at bad code is an excuse you only hear from sketchy incompetent developers and it is unacceptable. EFT is no longer and indie underdog. Overpay for some really good developers and fix the damn game.

Im just saying its frustrating and as a playerbase we should continue to advocate for ourselves as paying stakeholders. Remember, backing a project is not a one and done thing. They took your hard earned money, we supported them, and we need to continue to provide input on the project. Im talking to those of us who have been in this for the long haul to continue to speak up – testify to what has been going on year after year. Talk about the OG streamers, the failed outreach, the hackers, the desync, the optimization, the lack of content.

Its a very convoluted process trying to understand the history of this game's development. When you understand it, its a very bad story.

That being said, I still play. Its my main game. Im lvl 36 now about to max out my bitcoin farm and get my solar panels going. I love the project because it is very unique and there's really nothing like it, but just wanted to communicate that when I sit back and think about all the years ive followed this game's development, im very disappointed and so are many many players and content creators who have supported this project unconditionally.

Half of the streamers who have streamer items dont play this fucking game. What does that say?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/p19x39/i_have_been_playing_this_game_consistently_since/

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