I have grown enough to understand that mmr is working (you are not 3-4k+ if you are crusader) or how i played on 4k and 6k, while had 2k main

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

first of all, i want to say sorry to my teammates, especially immortal guys, i really tried.

second, im not encouraging to buy account.

It was another Saturday/Sunday, i was browsing some website to find fallout 76 account to buy. Then i realized that i never played on 3k+ average and i started browsing dota 2 account. I was shocked, 4k account is around $5, 6k account is less than $50 bucks. I even saw 11.5k account for $12k.

I started with 4k, won first 3 games on my ogre magi, but i was feeling im not good. Then my losestreak started, i was playing pos 3 (i tried to swap to 5, but no luck) and your team not just expects, but requires to destroy t1 tower on enemy safe lane, especially if you are playing hero like lc, underlord. However, i was choking, almost always someone, mostly pos 4 or 5, is making calls and will try to help you come back. After 20+ games i pretty much adapted, watched some guides, managed to hold creep wave near our safe lane t1 tower. Even though i wasnt feeling game tempo, i didnt know what to do after laning phase.

On 110 games distance i have 43% win rate, if we exclude games on pos3, and count only pos 4 and 5 i had 49% wr, which is pretty normal. Now, when i play on my main, 2k, i talk a lot, ban big camp and some other things usual for pos 5. I am really feeling playing on 4k made me better. Only twice my teammates was understanding that i bought an account, most played heroes: tinker, arc and brood, and i was playing lion, ogre and jakiro, pretty clear tho.

Next weekends, i bought 6k account and thats where a difference starts, almost every game it was obvious its completely not my rating, pos 1 was asking me to leave or i was swapping to pos 4. After 14 games i couldnt take it more and stopped playing.


  1. Playing on higher ranks can make you better if you pay attention and watch your replays, ask yourself a questions, why you did this or that.
  2. You can really enjoy playing on higher ranks, more teamplay, more communication and higher level of skill of your teammates.
  3. Your impact is appreciated, blink + hex enemy pos 1 and killing can bring your huge win on gold/xp or rosh/tower. Or saving your core on 100hp with oracle or dazzle, all of these will be commented in voice chat or by tips.
  4. Positioning really matters, especially on heroes like oracle, dazzle, wyvern when sieging t3. It will be very hard to win if you dont see heroes like that.

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