I hit at max 3.5k ever since the game came out. Am I bad at the game?

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Was just looking through the posts and it just struck me that I see majority of people in the >4.5k brackets. The highest I hit was Legend 5 and that was from spamming Hoodwink when it first came out. I got that medal by strictly playing solo but I usually play with friends these days. I used to play with friends who are ancients and divines. One of them recently hit the immortal bracket. My play style was very different back then.

Nowadays I play with heralds guardians and crusaders and I have to stay lower otherwise the games get too hard for them and everyone starts having their periods because MMR is life or death for those fuckers.

Right now my main account is archon 1. I literally dropped and kept dropping from legend 5 to archon 1 by playing with this group and still the games are too hard for my team to not start screaming at each other after every match.

These days I made a new account which I calibrated at crusader 5 and dropped to crusader 2 by playing more than a 100 hours and throwing a lot of the matches. Scummy I know. Still have a >55% winrate.

My question is this. Am I actually bad at the game? I honestly don't care about my medal but I do take offense when someone calls me bad. I play every single day but while watching shows or movies or talking to someone, basically my attention diverted elsewhere for the most part. I find it really easy to get to play in the archon bracket and I have fun trying out weird shit. My decision making is always questioned by my friends whether they are heralds or immortals and I'm smack in the middle of both of them defending myself.
Is achieving 5-6k really that hard? I believe most casual players would be archons but I may be wrong. Also any unconventional tips on getting a bit better if any of you have any?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/pr36az/i_hit_at_max_35k_ever_since_the_game_came_out_am/

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