I just competed a heist mission in a high-security settlement without killing anyone!

And it felt awesome!!!

I had to steal a containment sample from a settlement. It was a made just trying to get through the guards without being scanned, there were so many. I had to go to Cmd first to turn off alarms so penning the containment wouldn't set them off.

I scanned a level 2 worker to get into operations, then was able to scan a level 3 guard there, which have me clearance to get into security. While trying to head to the alarm switch, I got noticed in a restricted area when i wasn't being too careful. But then i was able to turn off the alarms while the security guard was over at the cabinets. Unfortunately while leaving CMD, i got too close to the door i needed to stay closed so it opened and i got noticed again in the restricted zone causing the guard inside and a worker turned hostile. I sprinted out to find cover without even taking my gun out. I think this plus alarms being off helped and meant no one else became hostile.

I then went and opened the containment unit. There was a guard and worker walking circles around it. I got scanned at that point because i didn't feel like hiding from the guard; i was already inside and had activated the containment so i just dropped my cloned ID and was fine. Finally when it opened, i took it and snuck out…which should have been easy except…i left out the wrong door (oops) and it opened right as a guard was there. She tried scanning me, obviously i had stolen goods at that point, so i ran. I had previously landed my ship on the landing pad and never dismissed it, so i was able to sprint over and board for a quick escape with the entire facility at my back like the Millenium Falcon leaving Hoth Base 🙂

Ahhh the feeling of success!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/nl2ars/i_just_competed_a_heist_mission_in_a_highsecurity/

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