I just had a fun match with pug players and wanted to share the story of how we lost and how much fun it was to be defeated.

Pick up group

So the match starts on the MIRA map, I have a particular strategy as Crew where I dash to cafeteria hide behind satellite. I do this because there is a vent in balcony imposters like to use because it's hidden away and easy to use.

Now I don't remember all the game's settings but emergency call, kill cooldown, many tasks, everything in place for a long drawn out game.

So I'm playing stealth ninja in my spot and what do I see but Red and Purple vent in front of my eyes. I could have easily outted both of them but somehow it felt wrong or poor spirit to end someone's run as imposter in a game so clearly meant to be longer and drawn out. So I dash to emergency button and call a meeting.



Me – "Listen, I saw both imposters vent but skip first."



"Just say who it is."

Me – "I saw Purple and Red vent in balcony."

Couple scattered votes for me, those I accused, but most did as I asked and skipped the vote. They knew who the impostors were but would be unable to call a meeting for 35 seconds because of button cooldown. I went about doing tasks quickly as possible, comms are triggered, eventually we move to the next vote. Chat back forth, they sus hard on me for being weird, purple and red names comes up, ultimately I get voted out for my odd behaviour.

I follow around as ghost doing my tasks, don't see much but a body is found, they talk and somehow red and purple skate by while someone else is accused and my first meeting message apparently forgotten. Confirms were on so they knew it wasn't me. Crew votes out crew ending in Impostor victory.

Tldr – I caught Impostors both using same vent and decide to not out them immediately so we could continue playing. I name them end of vote after people skip, Impostors go on to win despite being named. Long match settings 45s cooldown on kills.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jnltxp/i_just_had_a_fun_match_with_pug_players_and/

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