I just had the most confusing game ever

I mean it quite literally, if you’ve had a weirder game I want to hear it. So I join a lobby that said it has 9 people in it but when I got in there was only 5 other people. Despite only having 6 people the host starts the game with 1 imposter, it goes normal for about 10 seconds then O2 goes off. Someone fixes the admin one so me and three other people go to oxygen and see blue running away from a dead body. I assume that everyone saw it and blue was going to get voted out but only ONE person backs me up. Blue and someone else votes me while another person and I vote blue, but then some one skipped for absolutely no reason so nobody gets ejected. The next round I call an emergency meeting to vote off blue, but all of a sudden the person who voted with me last round says that I vented when I never even left cafe. So I get voted off (the same person who skipped last round skips again) then blue kills right in front of everyone, says to vote red, then red votes for themselves (the one guy still skipped) and we lose. I go back to the lobby to m see if they were trolling but I was the only person still in the lobby as it says 0 people were in it, then someone who was the same colour as me joins then immediately leaves me alone to contemplate what I had just experienced.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/k0guai/i_just_had_the_most_confusing_game_ever/

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