I just helped a guy in public beat the MSK for the first time. He said he had been trying for a year!

I usually play MSK on public for the weekly challenge but today I was extremely bored so I decided to play MSK all day to see how many people I could help out. Being Max Pl and having all the necessary heroes, I can pretty much single-handedly carry the team to the horn as Ninja (No intent to brag). Nonetheless, I came across this PL 123 player. He was running Lynx with happy holidays. His support team included dire, fleet foot Ken, Alchemist Sarah, Base Kyle, and Ice king; the typical pubs MSK loadout. I decided to run soldier for this mission (thank god I did!). Luckily the other two players helped with the mini boss. We won and this guy sent me a friend request.

I accepted his friend request and he immediately joined my lobby. It was a little kid age prolly 9-14. He turned on his mic and got all emotional telling me how he’s been PL 122 over a year and has failed so many times in public. He used the beat blaster, surround pound and bundlebuss during the mythic storm king fight. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to him for too long because his dad turned off his Xbox. Nonetheless, that made my day and I look forward to helping more struggling players who managed to play the game the right way tomorrow!

On another note, if you do not have the wrath please use the deatomizer on crystals. Yes the bundlebuss & ol’betsy work, but they are only better if there is obstruction in your way or for crystals that are on the Storm king’s oblique.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/lirm8j/i_just_helped_a_guy_in_public_beat_the_msk_for/

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