I just Played the Most Bizarre and maybe the most meaningless Among us game

I played + 6 rounds in a lobby and It was incredibly Bizarre and probably utter meaningless. Basically There was only one Impostor, Visual tasks were on and The long tasks were at 0 and at least 4 or more people were getting Visual task EVERY GAME. The game was super simple, When the first meeting happens, Everyone Who has a visual task was saying it and Those Who have were forming a group and then showing it to each other after the meeting ends to confirm. Then The game was Basically turning into IMPOSTOR HUNTING. The People Who proved that They are crewmates were just voting a random person out from the people Who are left one by one while being completely unkillable since They were always together and had the number advantage for voting. I never got imp and always got a visual task so I never got killed or voted out and to be completely honest It was kind of fun for a while but There was literally no point of the game. I wonder If anyone else have a simillar experience

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/kkabdf/i_just_played_the_most_bizarre_and_maybe_the_most/

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