I just saw Jenkins dota confession and I want to confess

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Back in Dota 1 me and my friend used to play Dota with the objective of: whoever loses the game is the winner.
So back in the old days you could easily join a host and get yourself into 2 separate teams. So this is one of the strategies i best remember doing.
One guy picks Bloodseeker.
Second guy picks KOTL.
(Tiny toss was cool but it wasnt good enough)

So whats the plan?
Blood used to have q that when used on self or ally drains his hp but gives attack damage bonus. It did most self damage on level 1, and it also gave least damage bonus at level 1. So naturally you just take it once. You go on the lane and spam that shit on your ally until he dies.

What does KOTL do?
Well KOTL rushes first item dagger (not that hard to do his illuminate farms creeps like crazy), you get level 6 you dagger into the thickest possible part of the trees (usually on top left of the map) and than you recall people into those trees. Ofc you target the ones that dont have the tp scroll first, and you make sure to control courier so it doesnt deliver any scrolls either.

So yeah not much more to be said about this one… Disgusting.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/qs64va/i_just_saw_jenkins_dota_confession_and_i_want_to/

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