I just watched an Overwatch game where a Tiny griefed from the start

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So, I just saw an Overwatch game where the first thing Tiny did was toss his team mate and deny a bounty rune. He then proceeded to spend the next 40 minutes of the game following his Pudge around and tossing him and any other ally into opponents, misusing wards, denying farm, stealing aegis from team etc. It was pretty nuts. (Obviously a guilty verdict).

This made me realize you can't turn off ally-assist for Tiny. So, I went through eight years of people talking about this on forums most boils down to arguments like: "They can't change it because if you had a Tusk snowball a Tiny in, it'd be a 100% toss instead of a 50% etc." Obviously it would be really strong if you could turn it off and use it offensively. Ultimately, the reasoning is we can't change a core element of a hero to stop a 0.01% of games where there's a huge griefer.

Honestly, Tiny's team were champs. They really played their hearts out and tried until the end, I wish I could commend them all.

So, my thought is to basically bring back this discussion to light again. Is there a way to add an anti-grief measure to Tiny? Even if it's just.. well tiny? Kinda like being able to deny your own wards in camps, but not being able to stop them from being bought and placed in-base.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/n2514k/i_just_watched_an_overwatch_game_where_a_tiny/

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