I know it’s been said before but I want to put it out their

So I been playing since day one. I love love love this game. But now since getting a few friends to play and join me listening to what they wish was in the game has made me decide to post our hopes and dreams. Here goes tell me what you think.

Combat missions:

They noticed that wing missions are always elite. They don't stand a chance so what's up with that being the highest difficulty all the time.

Fleet Carriers:

For small fledgling squadrons like ours why couldn't we have a scaled down carrier small enough for over user to run maybe only a jump range of 150ly, stores only up to 5 ships large and small.

Users the same fuel as the ships and flyable. Like a frigate and day only a commodity market.

Could cost like only 1bil credits

Base building:

How awesome is you could build your own docking station anywhere. No running costs has one large landing pad. Do you know how awesome it would be to pop these up all over the galaxy.

Same for small depots on planets.


My god how long is it going to take to have our own mining rig on planets. Build, leave, come back and collect the mats.

FSD chain jumping:

As a wing I have the highest jump range most of the time it would be cool if your ship just drops in range to always match the lowest range in your wing allowing for proper following and protection detail when they are trading also keeping the wing together all the time is fun.

Synch jumping so you all jump at the same time with ease.

So that's mine, what's your wish list?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/p2j3gb/i_know_its_been_said_before_but_i_want_to_put_it/

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