I know this is heresy but I really like the Toz.

I've been practicing ultra cheap pistol runs in Factory and aside from a couple of raids where I've got a lucky facetap I've had middling success. Sometimes you make big money, more often than not you run into an armoured up geared boi or scav swarm spawn and die horribly.

And if they have a visor, GG bring a rifle next time.

Then I thought for a laugh I'd buy a few Toz shotties. Insanity, but I love them. It's now my go-to cheap CHEEKI RUN gun.

First things first, 20 ga. buckshot is cheaper than a bag of soil, far cheaper than even mediocre pistol ammo. You can load up on 500 shells for the price of a small sandwich. Take 40 shells into a raid in your pockets and you can still buy a bag of crisps afterwards.

Secondly, the Toz is the same sort of price as a Makarov. Slap a 2000 rouble 5 mag on that little wooden bad boy and you have a gun that is entirely capable of turning unarmoured legs into a bloody fractured mess with one shot, or one tapping an unarmoured chest and head from across the room.

Compared to shotties like the MP-133, it also has decent ironsights. You don't have a fat lump of metal with a tiny triangle on that you can barely see over, you have little rifle sights that let you line up clean headshots like you would with a Mosin.

Unlike a rifle, however, you can pop out in a hallway for 0.2 seconds and fire blindly at where you think the head will be, and anyone unarmoured is going to be totally messed up. Noice.

Finally, this gun is a scav popper. Unless you get bum-rushed by 5 scavs at once, you can blow away all but the ones wearing a steel helmet + armour with one head+chest blast. And the guys with armour you just leg. Then you have the option of folding it up (or tossing it) and grabbing an AKM off the corpse.

TLDR: This gun is surprisingly underrated. Use it like a bolt action up close and it's quite deadly.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dt3f51/i_know_this_is_heresy_but_i_really_like_the_toz/

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