I like to change my clothing/gear depending on the map I’m on. Anyone else? Show me what ya got

I have no clue how much your silhouette and camouflage actually affect the likelihood of being spotted by other PMCs, but I like to think it's significant enough to bother with and playing dress-up is fun I guess. Also fyi you can right click your pmc in Ragman's services tab to see a preview with your equipped armor/rig/backback/helmet/etc.

Woods and Shoreline


Customs, though I'd use the black ULACH normally

Reserve night

Nothing for Factory because why bother, and I don't play Labs. Didn't use it in these examples but the belt combo is my favorite all-around rig and is usually what I typically choose if I don't have anything else in mind. Also I'm cheap so usually don't bother with armor higher than level 5.

Level 34, first wipe and picked BEAR who fortunately have some pretty good drip. I've never felt compelled to change my pants since the default seems to be suitable for all environments anyways.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qyrqlo/i_like_to_change_my_clothinggear_depending_on_the/

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