I lost my renegade account. Does anyone have any tips to help me get my account back. Add my discord then. Sumrrz#9845


For 23 days ago (the 1st)
I jumped on epicgames to launch fortnite as usual.
I then couldnt login, and i checked my email.
Nothing, i thought thats weird. Let me just reset password, it said that there was no account with that email.

I panicked and called my friend and asked me if my account was online, he said yes. And sent me a picture.

I contacted epicgames, and asked me the usual questions that i answered, i already could all the question because when ever i make accounts i have wrote every single detail so i could recover.
And i have done that since 2016. Then they said that they couldnt confirm that i owned the account, i gave them alot more info than what they asked for. Its now been 23 days since it happend, and im broken because i feel like they know im the owner, but wants to keep me logged out so i spend more money. Its really irritating, and im super mad because i spent so much money on that game and the whole Epic Games account too. Keep in mind i answered everything correct, as i said i write everything down.

I gave them original username, ip, last digtigs of first card used. Address litterly anything you can name.
If anyone out there thinks that they can help me maybe a little bit, please reach out. It will mean more that you think. Thanks!
My Discord is: Sumrrz#9845

I dont know what to do, because all my friends are litterly "online friends" because my parents cant get infected with corona. And they litterly dont play anything else that Fortnite, it really sucks because the state fortnite was in right now was litterly the best in 1 year. So much happening.

Anyways, if you think you can help the smallest, please reach out to me on Discord: Sumrrz#9845

Keep in mind, my account is online at the time of this post, so its not compromised. Anyways It will really mean alot to me! And i dont really check reddit, because i dont think anyones is going to respond or see this. But the last 3 weeks im doing anything to get a little hint/tip to recover my account.

Have a great day. Thank you.

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