I love elite dangerous BUT In my opinion there some things lacking

Planets are very similar , there is no planet with any sort of liquid or water body , life forms looks like they are copy paste , only one land vehicle in the whole galaxy , stations (very few preset for stations both exterior and interior) and settlements lay outs are very same and in the end boring , there is no culture diversity in the whole galaxy , there should be at least few cultures with different clothes and architecture , different ship designs , also no terrain deformation for mining (maybe this one is hard to implement also we have no mining on surface and no special land mining machine only with srv very limited) , No fighting land vehicle ,I'm sure in the real future there will be many armored land fighting vehicles like future tanks , its so unbelievable to see that in the future only land battle are those ON FOOT ,NO megastructure like dyson swarm or oniel cylinder, in the whole milky way there is whether hexagonal shape stations or very few other design , i mean no one in galaxy came up with slightly different design ? there is no hazard near blackhole , or on planet surface ( like meteors , hazardous geyser (this one maybe exist but i dont know about ) )

and maybe some limited building (this one is too much i know )

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qwapwb/i_love_elite_dangerous_but_in_my_opinion_there/

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