I love this game, but my experience with trolls has left a sour taste in my mouth

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

I've been having an incredible time playing this game the past few days, I started a new playthrough and I'm about 40 hours in. Today I beat the 2nd boss, and began progressing into the iron age. After a short time mining iron, I hauled it back to my base, and went to sleep.
The next thing I know my housing is being attacked by two trolls with the text "the ground is shaking".
After successfully fighting them off, it becomes clear I need to build a stronger base, but it feels poorly timed because i've literally only just placed a stonecutters table down to try it out. Oh well maybe this is the game's way of telling me that. I decide it will be best to rebuild closer to a swamp and spent the last 6 or so hours moving my stuff to a meadows closer to a swamp and building a nice house out of stone.
Everything's looking great, I'm about to head to bed irl, "the ground is shaking" "oh no, I don't have any arrows/much food prepared. Not even 30 seconds later, two trolls are swinging logs at my house" they destroy my chests making it so hard to find feathers/food. Now half my new house is destroyed, my items are all over the place from me trying to pick things up/throw them away to find feathers. I've died like 6 times trying to protect what's left and there's still a troll lurking right next to my house, and I have 0 motivation to load the game up and deal with. What do I even do, he's just camping my bodies, which keep overloading my inventory so much he has plenty of time to swing at me.
I understand I could have done a better job protecting my stuff, but from someone who otherwise adores this game, please increase the time it takes for trolls to reach your base when the "ground is shaking" event starts, and please give a little more preparation time before the event even can start spawning. That was the most infuriating video game experience I've ever had.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/psrdeu/i_love_this_game_but_my_experience_with_trolls/

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