I love this game but the insane amount of cheaters I’ve faced this wipe is getting me real close to quitting

Honestly don't care it's another one of these posts because this has to get hammered in real hard and downvote all you like and talk about the irrelevant posts BSG makes about them banning some random number of cheaters. Cheating is BY FAR the biggest issue with the game currently.

What's the point of playing, what's the point of bringing gear into a raid to just get onetapped across the map by m855 when I have an altyn on? I'm completely losing motivation to play honestly. I've always hated pistol and hatchet runs because to me that's not the game.

What kind of game in 2020 has this much of a cheating problem anymore? How can cheat coders easily make it so bullets become nuclear nukes and zoom across the map without it ever getting picked up by a system?

Stop posting the numbers of people you banned and actually do something extreme this shit has gone on way too long.

You basically have a completely unplayable map in Labs. Shoreline also just has a disgusting amount of cheaters atm.

"Don't bring good gear to raids if you don't want to lose it to cheaters!" "Don't go to good loot areas then idiot!!" man stop. You're part of the problem. Not everyone derps around without looking for PvP.

So fucking sick of this man I just want to play this game without losing my shit to cheating people from across the globe.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/guv834/i_love_this_game_but_the_insane_amount_of/

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