I loved this game on first playthrough, but H&H has been extremely frustrating for me. Balance issues..

Is Valheim coming

Note that I'm aware these might not be H&H issues, but balance/ streamlining issues. Terrain generation seemed pretty poor to me, metal was more difficult to transport than ever and I felt like the game was slapping me in the face when my nails were stuck in the water, just out of reach.

  • Swamps are either empty, or completely overrun.
  • The only good swamp I found was across from plains, which really slowed my progress down to a crawl. I had to sneak across them. I hated having to do this, I died all the time.
  • Carts are not useful at all in rough terrain. I had an easier time over encumbering myself (which felt pretty stupid). Also slows down progress.
  • Metal costs are too high. The amount of effort, focus and time I had to invest to get a single tool, or an upgrade was not worth it.

and finally..

  • Materials dropped into shallow water need to be reachable. Period. I lost hours of work just because my nails are two feet deeper than I can reach. Please let us swim underwater to grab things. This really sucked the fun out of my play through, and I'm going to drop the game until the next update. I can't enjoy grinding in a game when I've seen hours of grinding undone in seconds. It sucks.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/pzhc5e/i_loved_this_game_on_first_playthrough_but_hh_has/

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