I made a random weapon build generator in C#

Here's the link for it

Here's an example output

The data was scraped from the EFT wiki (thanks for the incredibly useful wiki), but this version just uses the scraped data so it doesn't send any extra traffic to the website.

Please note that the wiki is not perfect and sometimes the generator will generate weapon builds with conflicting mods. Nothing can be done about this except to help contribute to the wiki.

This program doesn't update with new weapons/mods automatically so all of that data will be generated and updated manually by me.

How to Use:

Click on the link, click the run button, and then type in the name of the weapon you want and click enter.
It lists out all of the weapon names so if it keeps saying it can't find the name you enter, look in the list for the correct usage of the weapon's name. (It is case sensitive)

Known Issues:

There are two main known issues both of which have to do with how the wiki stores certain data and nothing can be really done about it.
1. It will generate a mod for each slot for a weapon. For example, every time you generate a GLOCK17, it will always give it the GLR stock and the rubber grip because those are the only mods for those slots. This could be fixed if the wiki added a list of which slots for which weapons are vital so it has a chance to leave optional slots empty but for now nothing can be done about this.
2. If a mod contains more than one slot with the same name it will only generate one mod even though more slots are free. For example, if it generates a handguard with two tactical slots on it, it will only generate one tactical mod. This is because if you look at the wiki for handguards with more than one tactical slot, it only shows one slot.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/l9k94e/i_made_a_random_weapon_build_generator_in_c/

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