I messed up an expensive key, help!

So yesterday, on my last scav run of the day, I spawned in with a Med Storage key, 6mil rubles according to the one listing on the market. Obviously very happy and was planning on selling when I think, eh what the hell, lets do a few Interchange runs and try it out. I NEVER do Interchange, and after a few runs I remember why. I hate that map. But hey, I can still sell the key, maybe buy the marked key, or some nice reserve keys, and have plenty left over, right? Welllll, apparently, if you take a key in with you and die, it loses it's FIR status. I probably should have known that, but now I'm stuck with a key that sells for 90k to therapist, for a heavily contested room, on a map that I absolutely despise.

Sure, the opportunity for $$ is still there, but I really don't want to grind Interchange. So, my question as an Interchange noob is, how do I make it bearable? Am I being too critical of the map? Can anyone give me some general advice for running the map, to someone who generally sticks to Customs, Woods and Reserve?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kxflb2/i_messed_up_an_expensive_key_help/

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