I need advice on what to choose… [SERIOUS]

So I've made it back to Sol after the 28kLy passenger round trip just to visit a damn visitor beacon…

With all the discovery data, the trip became worth it, but now I want to upgrade to a better ship – currently flying a DBX…

I've narrowed my choice down to either an AspX, or a Phantom – I want to mainly explore, with a little mining thrown in for a break.

I suck at combat at present, so would prefer to be able to avoid it or survive it long enough to follow in Brave Sir Robin's footsteps.

I'm planning on upgrading the internals to A-Class too, so I can get the best jump range out of it (but don't have a guardian fsd booster yet).

Any insight from current owners of either or both, or something better would be great. TIA

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qazhdz/i_need_advice_on_what_to_choose_serious/

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