I quitted 3 years ago, have a Federal Corvette and i want to come back to the game..

I played in VR non stop for a year and half and then when i finally was able to afford a Corvette the grind finally got me and i quitted.

I stopped following the game completely and recently ive seen that we now have actual bodies and a pseudo fps mode? Wtf?

I want to come back but im scared as hell.. I remember how long it took to farm for a Corvette (A tier? I think) and i dont want to log in and get rekt by a random npc because i forgot how to fly..

I dont have any mods on my Corvette (i remember an update whit mods just weeks before i stopped playing). I have an Asp Explorer and a Cobra too.

Is there a new way of making credits? Id like to have a safeline before touching my Corvette.
Also (if the safeline plan works) what can i do whit my Corvette to make money?

I know, lots of questions but this CMDR has been grounded for too long.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mubude/i_quitted_3_years_ago_have_a_federal_corvette_and/

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