I ran reap-ir in 100 straight shoreline raids to test a theory. I saw people speed hacking to the resort off spawn in 31 raids.

That's 31% of my raids not even accounting for all the other spawns on the map that I couldn't see off the bat so the actual percentage is naturally going to be higher. If you've gotten god spawns for Resort and found high tier rooms already looted, this is basically why. Edit: This information is based off of raids on the US East and Central servers. I can't speak for West, EU, etc.

Majority of the people I was able to catch were from the close spawns on the far east or north east corners of the map where I would see a white ghost just slippity sliding at a million miles an hour straight to the resort. From what I could tell the majority of the time these people don't stay and fight and actually seem to be avoiding conflict, presumably to avoid getting reported. In instances where I caught people and I moved around toward rock passage I died every single time, presumably because I'm between them and the closest possible extract. I did this ~10 times and I would just prone in a random bush out in the hills near the extract and inevitably I would just be sprayed down. They didn't close the distance to me, it was always from far enough away that I couldn't even hear gunshots but I got swiss cheesed every time by bullets hitting me insanely fast, never 1 taps. Most of them were standard accounts around level 20-30, which is actually a LOT of raids considering how little exp you get if you're just looting and scooting and probably getting a lot of run-throughs.

Just throwing the info out there, I've read a lot about the way people cheat from the posts here recently and it got me curious so I just bought a shitload of reap-ir's on my EoD account and I found it baffling how easy it was to confirm what people are saying is completely true.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ij1awu/i_ran_reapir_in_100_straight_shoreline_raids_to/

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