I reached rank 0 and I’m not sure how

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Hey guys,

today I managed to reach rank 0.

I downloaded the game on the 22nd of April, since then I played around 250 games, exactly 94 hours. I played a bit in the beta, but since I couldn't understand the basics of the game, I uninstalled it after like 10 matches.

I abused a thrive-based monsters deck to climb, last season I played a bit with lined pockets, but that didn't seem as efficient as the force of nature monsters deck I'm using. (oh and the monsters deck is way easier to play)

Last season I got to rank 6 and now I managed to get to 0, meanwhile I barely understand when to pass. I don't know the meta decks, I didn't even knew the cards 20 days ago, so I barely played anything around. I downloaded the game because I was tired of Hearthstone and I knew that Gwent is more complex and less dependent on luck.

Did I find a hidden op deck, or is this completely normal and reaching 0 isn't too hard and then gets harder to climb?

Sorry if it's hard to understand what I mean, I know my question is a bit confusing, but I hope you guys get it. I added my stats here:



Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/nccw8y/i_reached_rank_0_and_im_not_sure_how/

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