I realized why I hated FIR patches

Because I thought this game was a reality FPS game. I liked to engage and played the game with a shooting sensation. That's why I wanted to earn money quickly and buy good equipment to fight a lot. But I realize that Nikita's direction of development is not. I realize that this game is more of a survival RPG than an FPS. That's why they want to reduce content consumption. Also Nikita hates to fight. That is because it reduces the chances of survival. So Nikita reduced the gains from fighting and maximized the cost of buying bullets. I thought Tarkov was a reality FPS with RPG elements. But Tarkov is a reality RPG with FPS elements. The 0.12.5 version was half FPS and half RPG. 0.12.6 is 70% RPG and 30% is FPS. I am not in line with the direction of development of this game. So I deleted the game. That's too bad. It was a fun game to shoot. If the FIR system's gone, I'll be back.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/gveqc9/i_realized_why_i_hated_fir_patches/

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