I really dislike what they’ve done with scavs

So, im a returning player that played for a couple wipes about a year and a half ago. I played a lot, got my kappa, played some more, then felt like i've got nothing left to do in the game and took a long break. Now im picking up the game again, and im having fun, except for one thing – scavs.

Now, i've always been more of a 'kill on sight' type of guy, but i've teamed up with other players, be it scavs or pmcs, quite a few times, and some of my favorite moments in this game came from that. There was nothing in the game forcing us to cooperate, no guarantees of trust and nothing stopping anyone from backstabbing eachother. And honestly for me, that made those rare moments of cooperating, fighting together, giving eachother loot and whatnot, so, so much better. And now i feel like i just don't have that choice. I've ran like 10+ scavs this wipe and i don't think i've fired a shot after my first one when i killed everything i saw just like usual and then when i got out i was at like -0.2 fence karma and my scav timer got longer (i think). Is it even possible to meet a pmc as a scav now? All i've seen is happy scav land where everyone holds hands and loots whatever's left on the map without any worry in the world. And for me, that sucks.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pl9bfj/i_really_dislike_what_theyve_done_with_scavs/

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