I really need to get to the bottom of this…

Hi guys, I've been playing for about 12 months, and although performance has never been absolutely amazing for me, it is getting beyond ridiculous now. It has definitely got worse. I'm pretty much getting 45fps on most maps apart from Interchange and Factory, not sure why interchange is better. I've done everything in the guides to getting better performance. Literally everything. I even upgraded to a freesync monitor to see if it would help.

I'm running a i5 9400f, GTX 1660, 32GIG RAM, its installed on an SSD and i play at 1080p with the usual settings.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed how bad the performance is on this game? My CPU/GPU aren't even being anywhere near maxed out when the game is running. And to be fair its not like its all popping off all over every map with vehicles and explosions everywhere! Even in offline raid on Customs its literally 45fps. I get a solid 90-100 fps on almost every other shooter!

I love this game to death, its the best shooter on the market right now, but its hard enough without shitty fps and stutters etc. I just really hope BSG can get this game running smooth for everyone, not just streamers with uber PCs! Can anyone help me or give me some advice on how to get it running consistently? Or am I just passing in the wind??

I'm looking to get a 3070 when all the hype dies down but I really don't know if its going to help much. I'm at a loss now I'm literally considering just stopping playing altogether…

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