I really want to like reserve.

I find reserve to be the most interesting map. I like the look and feel of it all and fighting gluhar and his guards is one of my favorite things to do in the game BUT i can not stand how soon player scavs spawn in on it. I always go into reserve with the sole reason being fighting gluhar. The problem is by the time I spawn and rush the closest gluhar spawn and if i find and kill him and his guards and take out the other pmcs who came because of all the noise 5 minutes have passed since the raid started and now I'm getting swarmed by player scavs. I've never been able to loot my gluhar and friends plus pmc kills because of this. Maybe if i played with other players it wouldn't be so bad but being solo i never have the chance to heal and then loot and move before the player scavs are there. Like seriously, they spawn 5 minutes in, that gives me no time to do anything and now I'm dead and the scavs get all the loot off me, the pmcs i killed and gluhar. Maybe this is a case of needing to get good but like, I'm completely fine dying to a pmc but dying to a scav who spawned in 5 minutes after the start of the raid and now gets to reap the benefits of all my work without any risk always feels blah. It just completely puts me off the map. I'm not like super upset or anything over it because at the end of the day it's just a game but its just something i find annoying. I just wish scavs didn't spawn in anywhere near as early as they do now.

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